Rules & Conditions

  1. All uploaded files must comply with the rules of service.
  2. The affiliate commission is calculated as a percentage from the sum paid by a and can reach 75%.
  3. Manipulating and/or defrauding the system in any way is forbidden and will lead to account cancellation and fines.
  4. Uploading illegal content, underage erotica, incest, bestiality, rape, materials with feces in any form (scat, copro, etc) is strictly forbidden. Uploading any illegal content leads to account cancellation without any payouts made. In case of detection of such violations, please let us know.
  5. Changing account owner without resolution of the administration is strictly prohibited.
  6. Opening in an iframe and masking your site to look like in any possible way is strictly forbidden. If you are not sure whether your site complies with this rule or not, please create a ticket in our support area.
  7. You must notify Administration if your account is shared with another webmaster.
  8. If you have multiple accounts in the system then it must be agreed with the administration. You need to register all your accounts with the same email address.
  9. If multiple accounts use same payment details for payouts, we assume these accounts belong to one owner.
  10. The present rules are subject to partial or whole change at any time. Once modified, the rules will be published on our service’s website. The effective date shall be the modification date given in the modified rules. Your continued participation in the indicates your explicit agreement with the modified rules.
  11. The present rules were last modified on March 17th, 2020.